File Description Date
statbench.c Performance comparison of stat, fstat and fstatat 2016-02-09
forkexec.c How-to for launching a process and communicating with pipes 2016-08-21
stdoutfilter.c A stdout filter using a second pipe 2016-08-22
xattrlinux.c Lists extended attributes on Linux 2016-12-06
cpxattr.c FreeBSD tool for copying extended attributes 2016-12-08
xattrsol_get.c Solaris tool that prints the content of an extended attribute 2016-12-13
xattrsol_ls.c Solaris tool for listing all extended attributes 2016-12-13
xattrbench.c Benchmark that compares fgetxattr with getxattr 2016-12-23
x86decode.c Example for using Intel XED and executing dynamically created instructions 2016-12-24
sendmsg_fd.c Small example for sending a file descriptor over a unix domain socket 2017-03-05
xattrmacos.c Lists extended attributes on macOS 2017-12-10
tarwriter.c Simple ustar creation tool 2017-12-17
aes_comoncrypto.c How-to for AES encryption/decryption with CommonCrypto on macOS 2017-12-21
dtswitcher.c Remote virtual desktop switcher 2017-12-23
HelloPolyglot.java GraalVM Java/LLVM combination example 2018-04-20
pspawn.c posix_spawn example 2019-12-01